• The Women's Cell has been involved in awareness and sensitization campaigns via lectures and the distribution of material at the beginning of each academic year.

  • To provide important guidelines for safety and security of girl students and women employee. In the campus.
  • The committee has to verify that the girls hostels are available within the campus for outside girls.students..
  • To ensure that the cell comprising of four senior faculty members to monitor the issues if any raised by the girls and women employees.
  • The Proctor and Dean of students should be available in the campus beyond the working hours.
  • The chief warden ( staying in staff quarters within the campus) and two full time wardens should be available in the girls hostel.
  • Suggestion will be made to the authorities that one lady councilor would be appointed to council the students periodically.
  • To ensure that security guards are available near the girls hostel gate.
  • To ensure that the attendance of the girls students are checked through Id cards and biometric impression after 8pm. By wardens.
  • Fire safety equipments should be available at each floor of the girls hostel as well as in all academic buildings.
  • Transport facility sould be available for women employees after late working hours.
  • To ensure that the facilities for photocopy , stationery , canteen and medical facilities are available within the campus up to 8 pm .
  • A CCTV camera must be working all the time to check the various activities inside the campus.
  • The Women cell has proposed a self-defense training program by professionals within the campus quarterly.
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