Department of Mechanical Engineering

Project Open Day was organized on 8th June-2019 to provide an insight into research basedproject work. Ms. Pooja (Patent Officer) was invited as the chief guest.
Posted on: 2019-06-08
Career in Non Destructive Testing

Expert Name & Address:  Raghawendra Nath Tripathi (Director)   Gulachi Engineers   Pvt. Ltd

  Participant:    VI  & VIII Semester Students

  No. of Students attended:  110

  Objective :   To make students aware of  NDT techniques,  job opportunities   in the field of NDT.

  Brief Description:   The speaker discussed the various NDT techniques  , job    opportunities in this field.

  Outcome:  Understanding of  NDT ,  quality testing, control,  assurance and   conformance.  

Posted on: 2018-03-19
Career guidance, advice and counseling for higher studies

Expert Name & Address: Mr. Karan Salothra (General manager, Jamboree)

Participant:IV and VIII Semester Students

No. of Students attended:64

Objective :

Brief Description: The speaker discussed and guided the students for higher studies
in abroad. He discussed the opportunities for the higher studies and gave
advice about preparation and applying for studying abroad.

Outcome:Scope for higher education in abroad

Posted on: 2018-02-09
Commissioning of power plant

Expert Name & Address: Mr. Karan Sharma (Deputy Engineer, Bestway Noida)

Participant: VI Semester Students

No. of Students attended: 56

Objective : To make students understand how systems and components of power plant are designed installed tested operated and maintained before actual operation.

Brief Description: The speaker discussed briefly about the power plant , pre-
commissioning checks , tests and procedures and instructions for every component.

Outcome: Understanding of commissioning checks , tests and procedures before actual operation of plant.

Posted on: 2018-02-02
Engineering and technology solutions for improved productivity, performance and profitability

    Expert Name & Address:    Ms. Amanjot Kaur (Sr. Engineer, Denso India Private Limited,             Haridwar)                        

    Participant:        VI Semester Students

    No. of Students attended:    61

    Objective : To understand effectiveness of technology innovations for improved productivity, performance and profitability

    Brief Description: The speaker discussed how productivity and quality affects the profitability in an organization

    Outcome: Understanding Engineers role in  providing solutions for  improved productivity, performance and profitability .

Posted on: 2018-02-02

    Expert Name & Address: Mr. Krishna Pal

    Participant: VI Semester Students

    No. of Students attended: 39

    Objective :  To understand the role of skills, understandings in own field, personal attributes for successful career which can benefit both organization as well as economy.

    Brief Description:     He outlined the employability .He shared his experience,             contribution of good learning, good teaching , assessment practices and exposure to outside world

    Outcome: Motivated students to understand the value all the activities in enhancing their employability

Posted on: 2018-02-02
Role of CAD/CAM & CAE Technology in manufacturing Engineering

    Expert Name & Address:     Mr. Mithilesh Sharma, (Bajaj Auto Ltd., Uttrakhand)                    

    Participant: VI Semester Students

    No. of Students attended: 43

    Objective :  To make students understand use of  engineering software in design and manufacturing of products.

    Brief Description:     The speaker discussed briefly about the automation system at             Bajaj Auto Ltd . He focussed the role of CAD/CAM & CAE Technology in manufacturing Engineering

    Outcome: To understand students use of  engineering software in design and manufacturing of products.

Posted on: 2018-02-01
Automobile manufacturing

    Expert Name & Address:     Mr. Gagan Takkar (Honda Motorcycle, Manesar)                    

    Participant: VI Semester Students

    No. of Students attended: 51

    Objective : To understand manufacturing of automobile parts and assembly

    Brief Description: The speaker shared the working experience working  with Honda.  He explained the different workstations in Honda for manufacturing of parts and final assembly and quality checks.

    Outcome: Understanding of  different automobile parts and its operation.



Posted on: 2018-02-01
Processing in power plant

    Expert Name & Address: Mr.  Yogesh Kumar (Engineer, UPRVUNL, Aligarh )                    

    Participant: IV Semester Students

    No. of Students attended: 58

    Objective : To understand principle and working of thermal power     plant

    Brief Description: The speaker discussed the experience working with UPRVUNL             .  He also discussed the future  growth in power generation for better efficiency and profit.

    Outcome: Understanding principle and working of  power plant

Posted on: 2018-02-01
Facilities and services for Oil and Gas industries

    Expert Name & Address:     Mr. Pawan ( Designer, Fluor Daniel, Gurugram)                   

    Participant:        IV Semester Students

    No. of Students attended:    52

    Objective : To understand `approach & dealing with different industries for providing  facilities and services for oil and gas solutions to the industrial requirement.

    Brief Description: The speaker discussed the experience working with Fluor Daniel. He also discussed that how  they provide facilities and services for oil and gas industries.

    Outcome: Understanding of  the approach to provide facilities and services for oil and gas industries

Posted on: 2018-02-01
Indigenization of aircraft equipment and material management in Indian Air force

Expert Name & Address:     Mr. Mukesh Kumar Pandit ( IAF, New Delhi) 

Participant: IV Semester Students

No. of Students attended: 51

Objective : To make students familiar  with challenges in Indigenization of aircraft equipment .

Brief Description: The speaker discussed how  Indian Air Force (IAF) will build combat capabilities in the coming years for substantial advancement of technology in areas of defence equipment and material management

Outcome: Understanding the need of Indigenization of aircraft equipment and material management in Indian Air force .

Posted on: 2018-02-01
Importance of Vibration Analysis in Industry

Expert Name & Address: Prof. Jyoti Kumar Sinha, Professor & Program Director, Reliability and Asset Management, Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering Division, University of Manchestor, UK

Participant: Vth  & VIIth Semester Students

No. of Students attended: 35

Objective : To understand Importance of Vibration Analysis in  Industry

Brief Description: The speaker discussed  the importance of  vibration  analysis in industry. He focused on the approach for vibration analysis. He also emphasized on vibration                 measurements and analysis during commissioning to resolve the problems related to the machine installation. He also discussed opportunities for higher studies in this field at University of Manchestor .    

Outcome: Understanding of  the approach  and analysis of  vibration and its monitoring

Posted on: 2017-11-07
Shipment Planning and Control

Expert Name & Address: Mr. T.D.Mahesh (Procurement & Energy Analyst, Air Liquide             Large Industries  )

Participant: Vth  Semester Students

No. of Students attended: 62

Objective : To understand `approach & dealing with different industries for providing solutions to the industrial requirement.

Brief Description: The speaker discussed the experience working with Air Liquide             Large Industries. He also discussed that how  they provide  customers with industrial gas and energy solutions that are vital to their own industrial productions ..

Outcome: Understanding of  the approach to provide solution to industries according to their requirement.

Posted on: 2017-09-11
Power Generation Technologies (Thermal Power Plant )

Expert Name & Address:    Mr. Dinesh Khandelwal, Sr. Manager (NTPC Khargon, Indore)

Participant: Vth  Semester Students (AY 2014-15)

No. of Students attended: 92

Objective : To understand general layout , principle and working of thermal power plant.

Brief Description: The speaker discussed the experience working with NTPC Indore. He briefed about the layout of plant, principle and working with diagrammatic representation. He made aware with world electricity generation and Indian Electricity generation data.  He also discussed the ash analysis and  future growth in  power generation for better efficiency and profit.

Outcome: Understanding principle and working  of thermal power plant. Contribution of coal in Indian electricity generation and importance of ash analysis

Posted on: 2017-08-08
Nuclear Power Generation

Expert Name & Address:    Mr. Sanjeev Bhardwaj, Engineer (NPCIL, Narora)

Participant: Vth  Semester Students (AY 2015-16)

No. of Students attended: 53

Objective :  To make students familiar with nuclear power technology.

Brief Description: The speaker discussed increase of nuclear power generation             capacity in the country, consistent with available resources in a safe, economical and rapid manner. 

Outcome: Understanding of  nuclear power technology    and importance of             environment protection measures related to nuclear power generation.    

Posted on: 2017-08-05
Shipment Planning and Execution

Expert Name & Address:    Ms. Monika Dua, Export Executive (Oakay Tools)

Participant:  V Semester Students (AY 2015-16)

No. of Students attended: 56

Objective : To make students familiar with the basics tool manufacturing  and shipment         

Brief Description:     The speaker briefed about the different divisions in Oakay tools for tool manufacturing. She also discussed the basics of tool manufacturing and shipment.

Outcome: Understanding of tool manufacturing and  shipment

Posted on: 2017-08-04
Manufacturing of Internal Combustion Engine

 Expert Name & Address:    Mr. Sunny Kumar, Robotics Engineer (Harley Davidson Motor Company, Haryana)

 Participant: Vth  Semester Students (AY 2015-16)

 No. of Students attended: 62

 Objective : To make students familiar with the basics of internal combustion engines.

 Brief Description: The speaker gave brief overview of manufacturing of Harley             Davidson Bikes. Briefly explained the internal combustion engine parts and working.

Outcome: Understanding of internal combustion engine  parts and working.    

Posted on: 2017-08-03
Industry Expert Lectures:
  1. Mr. Jawed Akhtar Dy. Engineer BHEl delivered a lecture on general functioning of thermal power plant on 20th January, 2017
  2. Mr. Prem Chand Sharma Senior Engineer Shriram Piston & Rings delivered a lecture on advanced casting technology for customised casting on 19th January, 2017
  3. Mr. Prakash (Retd. Senior Manager NTPC Dadri) delivered a lecture on the topic power generation technologies on 12th November, 2016
  4. Mr. Krishna Pratap Singh (Marketing Head&Expert InglobePvt.Ltd) delivered a lecture and conducted a workshop on piping design for engineers  on 21st October 2016
  5. Mr. BhagirathSiyag (Sr. Manager (Retd. NTPC, Noida) delivered a lecture on Solar Technologies an Overview on 15th October, 2016
  6. Mr.Veer Shankar (HOD Mechanical,SOFCON Noida) conducted a workshop on HVAC design and Drafting on 1st September, 2016
  7. Ms. Samiksha Bajaj (Part Owner, Samshekfashion Pvt. Ltd.) introduced the students about Robotic Sewing MachineCollaborative Research Projectbetween JSS Academy ofTechnical Education, NOIDA andSamshek Fashion Pvt. Ltd on 15th September, 2016
  8. Mr. Sankalp Bhargava (Trainer, CADD Concept, Kanpur) conducted a workshop on Auto CAD 2016 – Hands OnExperience” Training Programme as a Trainer from AUTODESK on 29th August, 2016
  9. Mr. Varun Patel (Indian Air Force, Srinagar) delivered a lecture on Fighter Plane Maintenance on 1st August, 2016.

Posted on: 2017-02-10
Alumni Interaction Lecture

Mr. Pushpendra Singh Dhakrey (Scientific Officer, BARC) delivered a guest lecture on the topic Nuclear Power on 17th January, 2017

Posted on: 2017-01-17
Industry Expert Lectures
  1. A Guest lecture on the topic “Finite element method and its applications in industry” was delivered by Mr. Gautam T J, Simulation engineer on 06.02.2016
  2. An expert lecture on the topic “Die Design” was delivered by Mr. Sunil Sahu from Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. Gurgaon on 27.01.2016
  3. An expert lecture on the topic “New strategies of process intensification in petroleum refining was delivered by Mr. Rohit Jain from Engineers India Limited on 28.01.2016

Posted on: 2016-02-06
Industry Institute Interaction Meeting An Industry academia interface meeting was held on 30.01.2016 to discuss their interface. The Experts present were:
  1. Mr. Jagmohan Singh (North cap University, Gurgaon)
  2. Mr. Arnab Chakravorty (BHEL)
  3. Mr. Rohit Jain (EIL)
  4. Mr. Komal Kesarwani (Maruti Suzuki ltd)
  5. Mr. Ajay Kumar (BHEL)

Posted on: 2016-01-30
Alumni Interaction Lecture:
  1. An introductory lecture on the topic “Piping Design” was given by Mr. Vishal Bansal (Alumni) presently with Samsung Engineering India Pvt Ltd on 21.11.2015
  2. An Introductory lecture on “Employability” was given by Mr. Shashwat Agarwal (Alumni), presently working with SARA-SAE India Pvt Ltd on 22.11.2015

Posted on: 2015-11-22
Invited talk on Control in Supply Chain Warehousing Mr Rakesh Bhatia, Director (Operations), New Holland Fiat India Limited delivered an invited talk on the topic Control in Supply Chain Warehousingon 19th January, 2015. The talk was attended by students of final and pre final year. He indicated that with the entry of multi-national companies, there is a tremendous requirement of modern concepts of warehousing for engineering graduates. He discussed different methods prevalent in industries and their relative advantages and disadvantages.
Posted on: 13-Mar-15
Advance Research Lab An advanced research lab has been established with state of art facilities . New machines and testing facilities are been developed to enable students /researchers to explore new avenues of research/testing. The Specialities available are EDM, USM, ECDM, Microwave Metal Processing Unit, Micro tool grinder, Micro Hardness Tester and Micro Image Analyzer.
Posted on: 13-Mar-15
Research project under the leadership of Dr. Rajesha S was awarded to the Department of Mechanical Engineering by the Department of Science and Technology under the title Development of ultrasonic assisted MEDM process manufacturing micro channels
Posted on: 13-Mar-15
An Institutional lecture was delivered by Dr. Rajesha S on the topic Automobile- Motion and Emotion. He explained the basic working and features of a car which many do not understand or are fully aware of it.
Posted on: 13-Mar-15
Industrial Visit To NAPS To Continue and strengthen the student awareness programme for enhancing and improving the students perception of Nuclear Power in the Country
Posted on: 12-Mar-15