Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering


Why should companies visit us?
  1. Department of Electronics Engineering, JSSATEN is accredited by NBA.
  2. We are amongst first few colleges in country to embark upon Outcome Based Education, which guarantees certain skills, knowledge and creative thinking among the students
  3. The Institute is practicing OBE and faculty members measure the progress and competencies of the student as they go through a course in each Semester.
  4. Our department Laboratories are associated with industries like Texas Instruments and e-Yantra, IIT Bombay.
  5. We are allowing students to perform design based experiments in laboratories, and motivate them to make some innovative projects.
  6. JSS academics are top-notch and professors are among the best in the fields.
  7. JSSATEN has attracted more than 120 industries during the year 2015. It strives to increase the numbers in the coming years.
  8. The excellent infrastructure, teaching faculty of the best kind and very active staff members ensure continuous improvement of the quality of our students.
  9. We are among top 5 colleges in UPTU (Uttar Pradesh Technical University).