Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering


Electronics Engineering Department stands tall amongst other branches of Engineering disciplines. Commissioned in the year 1998, to offer graduate level programme in 'Electronics and Communication Engineering' , the Department has seen remarkable growth in terms of quality of students intake, inclusion of post-graduate programme 'Advance Electronics and Communication with specialisation in VLSI Design' from 2008, applauding achievements of the students during and after graduation, faculty specialization and up-gradation in several domain areas and infrastructure to provide the latest technical lab facilities for research and project work, and more. This remains a preferred branch for the students.

Curriculum of undergraduate and postgraduate programme of the branch has been recently updated. While updating the syllabi global acceptability of students have been kept in mind. New courses like Bio Sciences, Simulation and Modeling, Human behaviour, Technical writing, Business communication, Technology and Management etc have been introduced, courses like EMFT, Signals & Systems will have lab work with them. This will help students to have better understanding of fundamentals. A number of new electives like Industrial Automation, MEMs, Electronics Reliability, High Speed Networks, AI and Fuzzy logic etc are getting introduced. This will help students to get introduced to advanced areas. Weightage for project and lab work has been increased to help students acquire concepts better with the aid of practical knowledge. At post graduate level number of labs have been introduced with the subjects. A new concept of 'Seminar course design' has been introduced in third semester. This will help students to understand the basics of development of a syllabus. Project/Dissertation work has been given requisite time and weightage for students to get introduced to research work.

Department has sufficient labs equipped with necessary hardware and software to meet the curriculum requirements at undergraduate and post graduate level, they also meet beyond the syllabus requirements. Project lab has been setup to add up to the learning of the students.

Department has been identified as a research centre in the field of electronics engineering for the technical university. Lab facilities for the centre will be setup.