Department of Information Technology

In order to transform the students to become competent professionals, it is important to practice research based teaching wherein the students get exposed to the emerging state of art in science and technology and equip them for dealing with real-life problem scenarios. With this objective, faculty members in conjunction with students seek to stimulate and promote research activities in the Department.

Research Areas

  • Computational Intelligence The Computational Intelligence research raises scientific and engineering challenges mostly focusing on the following areas
    1. Artificial Intelligence
    2. Machine Learning
    3. Pattern Recognition
    4. Soft-computing
    5. Neural Networks
    6. Natural Language Processing

    The research work is on knowledge discovery and novel systems powered by machine intelligence. Broadly, the research efforts are put in the areas like statistical learning, pattern recognition, and optimization.

  • Data Mining and Information Retrieval The research work in this field primarily focuses on the following areas
    1. Data-warehousing
    2. Data-mining
    3. Web-mining
    4. Information Retrieval
    5. Semantic Web
    6. Search Engines
  • Software Engineering and Practices

    Computer Science and Information Technology faculty research interests in software engineering is principally in the area of Service Oriented Architecture, Orchestration and Choreography for composing of web services , Ontology , Aspect Oriented Software engineering, Metrics development, Defect Management, regression testing, reverse engineering and testing techniques.

  • Networking and Security

    The research work in Network and Security also includes work in Wireless Networking and Cryptography. Current research work in the area on networking focuses on Wireless Networking and Cellular Networks, Energy Efficient Ad Hoc Networking and QoS based Routing Algorithms, Distributed and Cloud Environments.

  • Computer Vision

    The Computer Vision researchers in the Department are work on visual functionalities that induce semantically meaningful interpretations of the visual world. The focus is on developing a clear understanding of the computational and engineering related issues underlying the perception, planning, and control mechanisms. In computer vision, the faculty members along with the post-graduate and undergraduate students aspire to build intelligent visual algorithms covering various areas such as image and video editing, medical image analysis, object class recognition, stereo vision, and visual cryptography

  • Mobile Innovation Lab

    In the dynamic world that we live in, the need for growth, development and mobility is both predictable and understandable. Mobile Innovation also stems from this need and has been widely accepted by the society at large. Its growth and popularity can be attributed to the various technological and demographical advancements that have significantly influenced the socio-cultural aspects of the society in the past few years.