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The single-largest reason for inadequate vocabulary in our Engineering students is the continued neglect they show to things outside their Technical fields. While their disciplines can teach them or give them information about their subjects, the confidence required to articulate that information and the ability to use whatever information and air those ‘ideas’ can only come from knowing beyond their disciplines.

In our contemporary times of interdisciplinary approach to things, no field is irrelevant.

To analyse information, to respond to new techniques, to revolutionize thought, IDEAS alone will fuel all.

And for ideas, one needs to read, read, and read and then cultivate the habit of thinking.

Every line is a window to the world of thoughts, expressed to perfection.

The humility of an Einstein who said, “I only know one pebble in this vast sea of knowledge”, must inform every one of us.

If we want to producebroad-based professionals, if “ENGINEERING IS TO BE VIEWED AS both a SOCIAL and TECHNICAL PROCESS”, as Teachers of the English Language, a paradigm shift in the way we approach teaching and facilitate learning would become urgently necessary.

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Students spotlight

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Extempore Competition

Students’ association ‘Impetus’, which works under the aegis of department of English organized ‘extempore competition’ on 25th Prof. Salimath from Mathematics dept. happily agreed to judge the event. The event was a huge success; more than 30 students presented their spontaneous views on different topics. Also, on the same day event ‘Turn Coat’ proved to be equal success, the students’ performance was judged by Ms. Praveen Poon Terang, from dept. of Electrical and Dr. Ritu Singh from dept of English April, 2014 at 12. 30 pm.