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Organization Structure

JSS Student E-Cell will be a platform for association of like-minded students, created and managed by students themselves. The cell will be located at JSSATE-STEP, which will mentor the E-cell.

Membership of E-cell will be voluntary, free and open to all branches of B. tech, M. tech, MBA and MCA. All the members will elect the core team members by their vote of confidence. The core team will comprise members from 3rd and 4th year(B. Tech.) and 2nd year(M. Tech., MBA & MCA).

The core team members will be rotated every semester. A core team member will hold a profile for a single tenure only. On being re-elected, the member may hold a different profile to ensure that the other members get an equal opportunity to serve the profiles. Core team members will be eligible for certification as a member of the governing body of the E-cell.

The core team will be responsible for planning and organizing all the activities and events of the E-cell in its tenure. They have to create an activity and events calendar for a semester. The non-core team members will be encouraged to volunteer for coordinating and conducting various events planned by the core team.

In E-cell, every member will be at par with each other but everyone will have different roles assigned to them.

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