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Student Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Small and Medium enterprises play a vital role for the growth of Indian economy by contributing 45% of the industrial output, 40% of exports, 42 million in employment, creates 1 million jobs every year and produces more than 8000 quality products for the Indian and International markets.

In the present scenario of low economic growth, less industrial production on one hand while on the other hand, thousands of students passing out of colleges without proper employment opportunities possess a serious threat to the stability and growth of our country.

Entrepreneurs could offer a solution to some of these challenges by starting new businesses with new products or services. This creates jobs and a fresh opportunity for an economy to produce additional goods or services.

In this way, entrepreneurs grow both the demands idea and the supply side of the economy. This creates opportunity and improved quality of life.

Need for E-Cell in JSS Academy of Technical Education
  1. It will promote Entrepreneurship as an alternative career among students and open new avenues of employment.
  2. It will encourage students to develop their creative,leadership and managerial potential and acquire entrepreneurial qualities through various activities.
  3. It will provide students with a platform where they can freely express their creative and innovative ideas and develop independent and original thought process.
  4. It will provide students looking for employment, the option to become “employment creators” instead of “employment seekers”
  1. To provide overall guidance to the functioning of the cell.
  2. To provide guidance in conducting regular events of the E-cell.
  3. To provide venue for indoor meetings and events.
  4. To provide resource persons for conducting guest lectures, educative lectures and workshops.
  5. To conduct certificate program on entrepreneurship development for interested students.
Organization Structure of SDEC
Chairman: Dr. Gurulingappa M Patil
(Hon Principal)
Convener: Dr. Yogendra Singh (HoD MBA)