Centre for Innovation - Students Goal

The Centre has goal to nurture the idea of students through continuous incubation to product and file patent. The focus of Centre is to nurture the students from I year onwards through exposing them with multiple project work, seminar, workshop etc.During the process if some students come out with innovative idea, the Centre will nurture it to make a final product and file patent. Right now following students are registered under this Centre:

Sr. No.Name of the StudentBranch/SemInnovation Idea
1.Himanshu AgarwalCS/IIBipedal Humanoid
2.Aditya AgarwalCS/IIJSS-Money
3.Robin SinghCS/IIElectricity generation through walking.
4.Malay HarshwardhanIC/VIAutomated power switch in natural hazards.
5.Aakash GargEC/IIUse of Electromagnetic Induction energy through rotation of wheels in Cars.
6.Utkarsh SinghME/IVTwin-turbo moto vehicle
7.Pranav YadavEC/IIUse of wind energy while moving at high speed for conversion into electricity
8.Vaibhav KargetiEC/IIWhiper in Helmets
9.Siddharth RatmeleCS/IIPiezo Harvesting
10.Ankit JainCS/IIJSS-Money
11.Samrendra SinghME/IVSolar vehicle for rural areas
12.Ankit Kumar DixitME/IVSmart Parking
13.Sarthak VarshneyEEE/IIWater generation from air
14.Pranshi YadavCS/IIImage projection in air
15.Siddhant BhagatEC/IIXLR8
16.Sanyam AgarwalCS/IVReal Time Location systems
17.Akashay GangwarIT/IVNear Field Communication
18.Bhumika KatiyarEEE/IIWireless battery charger
19.Ishan DalelaEC/IIFan cum electricity generator
20.Nilind RajpootMe/IVHybrid bicycle
21.Shubham SinghME/IIUplifting homes through electromagnets
22.Ajeet Pratap SinghME/IIUplifting homes through electromagnets
23.Ankur SinghME/IIUplifting homes through electromagnets
24.Adarsh YadavMe/IIUplifting homes through electromagnets
25.Prashant SinghME/IVElectric Hover
26.Siddharth GuptaME/VIIIHarnessing sound energy as a renewable source of energy to serve for various purposes
27.Prashant SinghEC/IIEnergy from waste materials
28.Ayushi SinghEEE/IIWomen Safety Gadget
29.Aadhar GuptaCS/IVEnergy Transfer via communication technology
30.Pragya GoyalME/IIAir bags in two wheelers
31.Akshay RustagiCE/VIEcobrick
32.Jyoti PandeyCE/VIEcobrick
33.Dewansh PoddarME/IIConversion of frictional energy in driving cars to electrical energy
34.Suyash Raj MishraME/IIElectricity by Seebeck Effect
35.DivyanshuVermaIT/IVNear Field Communication.
36.Rajal SinghME/IIConversion of KE produced by any rotating appliance into electrical energy