Centre for Innovation - Activities
  • Foundation Lecture by Prof. K. Kamal on “Innovation is Innovation” whatsoever it may be. Guest of honour of this foundation lecture was Dr. Pravin Mohadeb, CEO JSS Mauritius.
  • Lecture on “Process of Patenting” by Dr.ArunaTiwari Scientist F, TIFAC on 4th Nov, 2015.
  • Half day workshop on “Intellectual Property & Innovation Management in Knowledge Era” in association of NRDC on 16th March, 2016.
    Inaugural Address: Dr. H Purushotham, CMD NRDC - He spoke about Patent filing process through NRDC and also explain how NRDC is supporting Technology transfer in various fields. He explained about general Concepts, Advantages and Importance of IP, IP as a tool to increase business competitiveness, national innovation system and role of university.
  • Session 1: IP Filing Procedure & Role of IP for a R&D Institute by Dr. Usha Rao
    This session is proposed to sensitize the Individuals/ Researchers/ Scientists/ Students about the importance of IP and the commercial advantages of Innovation & IP; the statutory procedure and requirements for filling IP, Patents, Designs, Trademarks & GI; What can be patented/ registered/ granted? Disclosure of Invention.
  • Session 2: Intellectual Property & Innovation- Concept, Identification & Creation by Dr. Sanjeev Majumdaar
    This session is proposed to provide a brief insight on the concepts and basic knowledge about Innovation & Intellectual Property - Patent, Trademark, Designs, Semi Conductor Integrated Circuit Lay-out Design, Protection of Plant Variety and Farmer Rights,