JSS Academy of Technical Education - Research

Dean Research Desk

  • Dr. K S Sujatha
  • Department:EEE
  • Designation:HoD, Dean R&D, Associate Professor
  • Address:
  • email:dean.research@jssaten.ac.in

A culture of research is of paramount importance to the future strategic development of JSS Academy of Technical Education NOIDA (JSSATEN) which lays the foundations for strengthening the bridge between teaching and research within undergraduate education. Academic staff at JSSATEN is highly motivated to engage in research activity that informs teaching and benefits students. JSSATEN is committed to develop a thriving community of researchers that impacts upon both higher education and the wider society. The research community at JSSATEN produces research output that informs and guides academic discussion and debate on the practices and policies on various subject disciplines, by conducting seminars and Faculty Development Programmes. Academic staff at JSSATEN by engaging in a variety of projects avail diverse opportunities for further developing their research expertise. JSSATEN researchers write academic papers which are showcased nationally and internationally through conference presentations. The researchers at JSSATEN for their professional development are encouraged to pursue their research study at doctoral level from IITs and other institutes of repute, as well as participation in research training courses. The institutional plan for sustainability also articulates clear goals for research development that will challenge academic staff, reflecting strong leadership and confidence in the academic community at JSSATEN.