Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering


student association


  • To cultivate a technical mindset among students.
  • To foster growth in technical domain and other sphere of knowledge.
  • To encourage students to apply the knowledge gained during their course and enables them to achieve higher level of technical confidence.
  • To encourage group activities in technical and non-technical domain.
Zealicon - 2015 Events Organized by Quanta

Cognition is a quizzing event organized by Knowledge Sharing Club of Electronics Department. The event has two rounds of quiz. The first round consist of two set of papers. One set has questions based on logical reasoning and aptitude and the other set has questions based on general awareness. The students are given choice to select the set they want.


In this event, students are given the problem statement and they are required to run their line follower robots accordingly. Students try to decode the problem statement and are given two trials to complete the task. They are able to run their LFR properly on the track. Students use the programming for buzzer. The students are judged on the basis of completion of checkpoints and time taken to complete the track.


This event comprise of 4 rounds . First round is the basic round called as Ground zero. It is a basic testing round of the robots. Their ability to pick and throw the ball is tested in this round. Three baskets (containing balls) are placed on the arena. Teams has to pick balls from each basket and shoot them at the desired target. Winners are decided on the basis of max no of shoots.