Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Research Groups

  1. Power Electronics and Control: Advanced power electronic systems are deemed to be an integral part of renewable, green and efficient energy systems. Solar, Wind and Fuel cell energy systems are among some of the most preferred renewable sources of electricity generation. The power electronics and control research group of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at JSSATE, Noida, is working in coordinated manner on design, analysis and control of power electronics interfaces for solar PV, wind and fuel cell energy systems. The group is also doing research on power converters and their control for AC/DC microgrids, smart grid and FACTS applications.

    Associated Faculty Members: Dr. Suresh Singh (Coordinator), Mr. Ajith Kumar N, Ms. Chaitra Yadahalli

  2. Power System and Electrical Machines: In the area of Power System and Electrical Machines, we look to the "big picture" of how power electronics system and renewable energy resources will improve and transform our nation electric power systems. Adapting computer, control, and system analysis techniques, we study large power system operation and planning problems in the electrical grid when advanced power electronics, energy storage and renewable energy sources are incorporated into the grid. Diagnosing and controlling electric power system faults is another focus of our work.

    Associated Faculty Members: Mr. Anand Kumar Pandey, Meghna B N, Hemanth Kumar M. H.

  3. Computer Vision System , Pattern Recognition and Robotics: This research group is presently working on a module to integrate the conventional power sites to the renewable ones. In this module, the team propose to develop a software and hardware module for identification of deficit and surplus power centre using data analytics and pattern recognition.

    Associated faculty members: Dr. K. S. Sujatha