explore the college

The very best way to experience JSSATE Noida campus is to visit in person, but sometimes that's not possible. As an alternative, we invite you to explore the college online. Check out labs, classrooms, and favorite outdoor spots.

No. Building Location Dept./Office
1 Academic Block-1 Ground Floor Principal's Office
Registrar Office
Training and Placement Office
Administrative Office
First floor Department of CS Engg.
Second floor Department of E&C Engg.
Third floor Class Rooms
2 Academic Block-2 Ground Floor Dept. of Mech. Engg.
First floor Dept. of elec. Engg.
Second floor Dept. of Manufacturing Tech.
Third floor Class Rooms
3 Academic Block-3 Basement Library & Information Center
Ground floor JSS MVP Office
First floor Dept. of MCA
Dept. of English
Second floor Dept. of Instrumentation & Control
Dept. of Chemistry
Dept. of Mathematics
Third floor Dept. of Management Studies
Dept. of Physics
Fourth floor Physics Lab & Class Rooms
12 Central Workshop Ground Floor Basic Workshops
R & D LAB (ME)
CNC Machine
13 Academic Block-4 Dept. of Civil Engg.
16 Academic Block-5 Dept. of Management Studies
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