In this Section:

Placement Policy

The role of the Training and Placement Cell (TPC) is of a facilitator and counselor for placement related activities. The placement policy detailed here under will be applicable to all the students registered and shall be followed during the entire academic year.


  1. Applying for a company or joining a company is entirely the responsibility/decision of the student concerned.
  2. The placement policy is One Student One Job.
  3. There is no restriction for a student on applying for a position in any company or appearing in test, interview etc. until a job is secured by him/her. A student will be considered to have secured a job if his/her name appears in the selection list, an appointment letter is received by the TPC or if a PPO is accepted by him/her.
  4. The final results of all the companies interviewing in a particular slot are to be submitted to the cell by the end of the slot. In case of a student being selected by more than one company, the student will choose only one of these offers immediately after the slot/day is over and all the results from the companies scheduled in that slot is received by the cell. His/her choice would be informed to all the concerned companies. In this situation, to ensure that the company does not suffer on the front of recruitment, it is suggested to prepare a panel of students in order of their merit who would be kept on standby. Any drop out from the main list will enable movement of the waitlisted candidates to the list of selected candidates and the same will be informed to the company.
  5. The company is required to send offer letters to the Placement Cell, who will then hand it over to the concerned students.

Pre Placement Offers (PPOs) / Letter of Intent (LOI)

  1. All PPOs, offered to our students by the company, have to be intimated to the cell.
  2. The PPO will be counted as a job
  3. Any student, found to have not informed the cell about the secured PPO, will be debarred from the placement process. If in the meantime, the student gets another campus selection, the company in which he/she is placed will be intimated of the violation and the student will not be handed over the offer letter.
  4. The students will be allowed to apply for other companies in case PPO/LOI is not ownered by the company.
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