Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering


There are facilities available for Research and Development works, such as LabVIEW, PLC/ SCADA, etc.

Research & Development Cell

Instrumentation and Control Engineering Department is based on strong core disciplinary competencies in dynamic systems and control, supplemented by knowledge of a diverse array of topics, including mechanical design, manufacturing, electronics, materials, and biology.

Department of Instrumentation and control Engineering aims at training students in the areas of Control and Automation, Virtual instrumentation and control, Control Theory and Applications, Recent trends in control systems, Robotics and Applications, Advanced control techniques, Biomedical Engineering Systems, Manufacturing Systems and Automation, Application of soft computing, Agriculture, environment, health based Instrumentation applications, Industry, military, space based, Instrumentation applications.

The Research includes novel actuator and sensor technology, biorobotics and bioinstrumentation, control of complex systems, precision instrumentation, autonomous robotic vehicle, and optics.

Research/Microwave Absorbing Materials