Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering


Instrumentation and Control Engineering is a specialized domain under the ambit of electrical and electronics engineering. It takes the aspects from the domain of electrical engineering as well electronics to focus on the core objective of design and configuration of automated systems.

Today automated instruments have used in a wide variety of applications at industry level which includes packaging, fitting, flaw detection, standardization etc. To keep these systems strong and running trained professionals are required. With the advent of automation and embedded system, the need for such professionals is only going to increase in the future.

B.E. Instrumentation and Control Engineering course aim at delivering those qualified professionals to the industry by equipping the UG students with technical skills and knowledge in the domain.

Our Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) are:

PEO1: To prepare the students for successful career in industry and adaptibility to latest trends.

PEO2: To prepare the students for excellence in higher education and research.

PEO3:To prepare the students for enterpreneurship and professional attitude.