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The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is the youngest department at JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida, preparing over 70 graduate students each year in the domain of Electrical and Electronics. It holds pride in equipping the young minds with a curriculum in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the undergraduate level which lays a strong foundation of basic and advanced Electrical and Electronic Engineering concepts. In addition to theoretical education, hands on experience are imparted to the budding engineers with the help of state-of-the-art laboratories.

From creation of systems to provide power for homes and industry, the department makes an impact in the quality of life world-wide. As proficient engineers, the students of Electrical and Electronics Engineering will have a strong background in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, a broad base in the humanities and social sciences, as well as introductory engineering coursework. The program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering encompasses all areas of research, development, design, and operation, in the field of powering our world from renewable energy sources, creation of electronic devices, Power electronic circuits to drive robots and electric vehicles, Communications and signal processing.

The graduates are equipped to undertake important and challenging positions in the aerospace, chemical, nuclear, automotive, medical, metallurgical, textile, railway, petroleum, computers, electronics, communications, power, food, safety sectors and other mechatronic industries. Important personal attributes that has been imbibed in them include the art of self-learning, teamwork, and an appreciation for ethical conduct.

History of the Department

JSS Academy of Technical Education Noida (JSSATEN) is one of the leading Technical Institutions in the National Capital Region in the State of Uttar Pradesh. Established in the year 1998 by JSS Mahavidyapeetha, Mysuru, the institution came up with core branches of engineering which included Department of Electrical Engineering. In the year 2014 the need for electrical and electronic engineers increased because of the technological innovations in the area of Electronics, Power, and automotive industry. Noida emerged as country’s hub of Power and Electric Automobile Industries as well as indigenous Electronics Manufacturing Industries. The future of Power, Electronics, and Automotive Technology lies in the area of Electrical and Electronics Engineering thus offering significant scope for professionals to grow and thrive in growing industrial sector.

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was established in the academic year 2014 with an intake of 60 students in order to meet the growing demand for trained manpower in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The department started functioning under the umbrella of Department of Electrical Engineering and continually engaged in development of infrastructure. In the year 2017 it started functioning as an independent department. The Department draws teaching talent from industry and professional practice, apart from competent and committed academicians to enhance the quality of the program.

K S Sujatha

Welcome to the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at JSS Academy of Technical Education (JSSATE), Noida. The discipline of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is an exciting and dynamic field which pervades every aspect of modern society, and continues to be the cornerstone of rapid technological advances that improve the quality of life in this millennium. Electrical and Electronics Engineers enjoy a high demand in modern Power, Communication, Computer, Transportation, and Electronics industries.

The Department of Electrical and Electronics at JSSATE, Noida, aims to provide quality education to students, to play active role in advancing the research in engineering and science; and to serve the community and industry as an agent of technological, educational innovation and advancement.

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering department is vibrant, due to its dynamic academic and technical staff members, as well as its bright students. Our staff members come from highly-reputable universities all over the country, with specialised knowledge of various domains of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, ranging from Control System, Power System, Electrical Machine and Drives, Power Electronics, Communication & VLSI, and Computer Visions& Robotics.

The teaching and learning process in the department emphasizes on Out Come Based (OBE) education in Engineering and Technology.Students are equipped with the theoretical and practical skills necessary to begin working effectively as a graduate engineer. We ensure that our graduates have the understanding necessary to maintain their skills and competencies throughout their professional career. On behalf of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering department, I welcome our new students and visitors, and wish our current students and graduates a very bright and promising future.

  •   Dr. K S Sujatha, Ph.D
  • HoD, Dean R&D, Associate Professor
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