Department of Electrical Engineering

One Day Seminar on Application of Soft Computing Techniques to Distributed Energy Resources in a Smart Grid

The Department of Electrical Engineering, JSSATE, Noida organized a seminar on 24 March 2018 on "Application of Soft Computing Techniques to Distributed Energy Resources in a Smart Grid" and Coordinator of the event was Dr. (Mrs) Parveen Poon Terang. The Seminar had lectures by three Experts from Academia and Industry.

The first expert lecture was by Prof. A.Q. Ansari (Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi). 

The next two lectures were taken by -Mr. Sreekanth Reddy (Sr. Manager, Voith Hydro Ltd., Noida)  & Mr. Anoop Kumar (Manager, Voith Hydro Ltd., Noida). 

This seminar covered all thrust areas related to soft computing, distributed energy resources and smart grids and has tried to fulfill the objective of enhancing the knowledge of the participants by discussing the soft computing approach as well as the challenges faced by helping to identify research areas for improved performance,operation and control in a smart grid. Participants have shared that the seminar has enriched their knowledge created awareness of the latest developments in the electrical power industry by providing a platform for discussing the relevant real time problems faced today.

        Details Of Speakers:

  1. Prof. A. Q. Ansari, Department of Electrical Engineering, F/O Engineering and Technology, JMI, New Delhi.
  2. Mr. Anoop Kumar, Manager-Small Hydro Engineering (OTO), Voith Hydro Pvt. Ltd, Noida
  3. Mr. Sreekanth Reddy, Sr. Manager, Voith Siemens Pvt. Ltd., Noida
Posted on: 2018-03-24