Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics Workshop and PCB Lab AB1-212

Space utilization: Dimensions -11.96X9.54=114.09 m2 and 35.86 m2 (dark rooms) This lab is a main resource for implementation and testing of hardware.

Lab courses as a part of B.Tech. (EC) UPTU Curriculum conducted in this lab include-

Main Equipment in the laboratory include:

    Photo Contact PCB Art Work Film Maker
  1. Overall dimension: Over all Dimension-380x230x330 mm
  2. PCB Size : 250mmX 300 mm(10”X12”)
  3. Heater Capacity : 500 W
  4. Temperature: Up to 50C.
  5. Temperature Control: Thermostatic
  6. Mains supply: 230 V 50 Hz
    Ultra-violet Exposure Unit
  1. Maximum Panel size-10inch.x12inch. (250x300mm)
  2. U.V.Tubes - 2x4 tubes (8 watts) Actinic
  3. Chokes- Electronics Type
  4. Timer-0-10 Min
  5. Power Supply- 230V .50 Hz 5 Amp
  6. Overall Dimension-400Wx580Lx315H mm